The Vermont Grape and Wine Council is made up of vineyards and wineries all dedicated to providing our customers with high quality Vermont wines.  This site is intended to educate people on types of grapes and wines Vermont has to offer - from grape and fruit wines to mead and ice cider.

The Vermont Grape and Wine Council is a cooperative program committed to the development and  promotion of the wine industry in Vermont.

The purposes of the council are:

  1. To promote the wine industry in Vermont;
  2. To develop and grow the industry through education to existing and potential growers and winemakers, to the local market and to tourists;
  3. To develop a wine region with a high quality product; and
  4. To promote a regulatory climate to support our industry.

Our industry products are generally defined as grapes grown or produced in Vermont, or wine produced in the state from grapes, other fruits, or honey.