Whaleback Vineyard

202 Old Lake Rd., P.O. Box 156, Poultney, VT 05764

www.whalebackvineyard.com | (802) 287-0730

Whaleback Vineyard offers a selection of our own wines, produced and bottled on our estate. Located in Poultney, Vermont, directly off Rte. 30, the vineyard is comprised of 9 acres of wine grapes and additional fruit trees. We currently have a selection of 11 different kinds of wine. We offer three types of cold-hardy red wines including St. Croix, Marquette, and Frontenac, plus Ruby Red, a sweet red blend. Our white wines include Frontenac Gris and La Crescent. We also offer a Frontenac Gris Rose', an apple wine, two dessert wines, peach and pear, and an apple ice cider. Our tasting room is located in a colonial farmhouse overlooking the vineyard, and the entire winemaking process, from vine to bottle, is completed in the historic barn on the property. Come join us for a free wine tasting and learn more about our family-owned vineyard.

  • Reds: St. Croix, Marquette, Frontenac, and Ruby Red (A sweet red blend)
  • Whites: Frontenac Gris and La Crescent
  • Rose: Frontenac Gris
  • Fruit: Vermont Apple Blend
  • Dessert Wines: Vermont Peach Nectar, and Vermont Sweet Pear
  • Ice Wine: Apple Ice Wine